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is an expert travel company based in Uganda, specialized in running memorable safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and the rest of East Africa. Are you planning a gorilla tour in Uganda, Rwanda ? Cherub Adventures is ready to plan with you a perfect tour itinerary to meet all your requirements, budget, time convenience and priority on the areas you would like to visit.

FAQs & Travel Advice
  • What should I tip in Uganda?

    How much to tip in Uganda depends entirely on your level of satisfaction of course, but even a small tip to show your gratitude will be highly appreciated. You might consider USD20 per day if you are happy with the service of your safari guide

  • Is MasterCard accepted in Uganda?

    Very few places in Uganda accept MasterCard. In addition to cash, we suggest you bring a Visa debit card.

  • Are travelers cheques accepted in Uganda?

    Travelers cheques are no longer accepted in Uganda.

  • Can I use my ATM card or credit card in Uganda?

    Only a few banks accept ATM cards or Visa credit cards for money withdrawal in Uganda. While you can withdraw a limited amount of cash per day from ATM machines in Kampala, there are very few opportunities to withdraw cash once you are on safari in Uganda.

    Payment by credit card in Uganda can attract additional charges of between 5–10%, occasionally more. Do check with lodges and restaurants in advance, if you plan to pay by credit card.

    We therefore advise you to bring cash and have money changed upon arrival in Kampala. US dollars, British pounds and Euros are easy to change. However, for some expenses, like the payment of a tourist visa at the airport/border, it is easier to have dollars available. It is often possible to pay for tourist activities with US dollars. Please note: US dollars bills issued before 1999 are NOT accepted in Uganda. Exchanging low denomination dollar bills (anything less than a USD100 bill) attracts a lower exchange rate.

  • Do I need a visa to enter Uganda?

    You are required to purchase a tourist visa before you enter Uganda. Tourist visas can be bought in advance via the embassy or consulate in your country or simply purchased upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport or at any overland border. Photos are not required and a single entry tourist visa costs US$ 100 per person for up to 90 days stay in Uganda. If you are planning to combine Uganda with a visit to Rwanda or Kenya it is recommendable to request for the East African Tourist Visa instead of a single entry visa. This special visa costs US$100 per person and allows a 90-days multiple entry to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Regretfully, Tanzania is not (yet) a member of the East African community and therefore not part of this special visa arrangement.

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      Ada Brown
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      Adelaide Miller
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      Jacob Williams
    • Cherub Tours has good customer care,follows up all the way
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